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Situated media and shared mobility: New Entanglements between Instrumental, Shared and Mental Maps

Start date : 8 January 2018 10:00
Date de fin : 19 January 2018 20:00
Where : Paris
Hosted by : Équipe Fictions & Interactions, UMR ACTE CNRS 8218

Information sources :

Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris: January 18 & 19 2018

Concordia University, Montreal: March, 22 & 23 2018

An increasing number of artistic, playful and fictional devices are based on the mobility of people and their interactions through digital interfaces. In this context, the notions of situated media and shared mobility are two fundamental determinations that are complementary. It is proposed to define "shared mobility" in its contemporary meaning as different forms of combined physical and / or virtual displacements between several persons in a continuous or discontinuous space. In "situated medias", multimedia or hypermedia information is incorporated and integrated into the subject's environment. In this context, the participants are successively or simultaneously receivers and transmitters of information that acquires its meaning according to the place where it is produced.

On the basis of this context involving situated media and shared mobility in collaborative and/or artistic practices, we shall consider different questions: How to define and better identify situated media and shared mobility? How are shared mobilities enabled and activated by situated medias? How did certain artistic practices come to dominate situated media interventions that incorporate shared mobile components? Several regimes and levels can be identified. Situated media: 1) visual, audio, autonomous or combined forms, 2) physical, virtual and fictional forms, 3) tools, applications, contexts, tracking. Shared mobility: 1) contributing, participative and collaborative forms, 2) activation, spacialization, hybridization, play. We will analyze different examples of collaborative, playful and artistic practices that take advantage of these fundamental changes in our approach to culture and the media. The relationships between mental, instrumental and shared maps will also be considered as a set of questions linked to new entanglements and intricacies that underlie situated media and shared mobility.


  • Situated media, shared mobility
  • Collaboration, contribution, participation, game

  • Contemporary arts, operativity, performativity

  • Mental, instrumental and shared maps


For the Mobile Lives Forum, mobility is understood as the process of how individuals travel across distances in order to deploy through time and space the activities that make up their lifestyles. These travel practices are embedded in socio-technical systems, produced by transport and communication industries and techniques, and by normative discourses on these practices, with considerable social, environmental and spatial impacts.

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