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Decarbonising mobility in Cumbria UK

Start date : 22 November 2022 09:00
Date de fin : 23 November 2022 17:00
Where : Carlisle
Hosted by : Decarbo8

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Join us in Carlisle and online on 22 and 23 November 2022 to explore the challenges and opportunities for developing zero-carbon mobility systems. With a focus on Cumbria, researchers, policymakers, youth and community groups and businesses are coming together to ask how place-based innovation can drive change and to share lessons learnt.

22 November (9am to 5:30pm) - Symposium: you are invited to join lively discussions of what might work where, for whom, and why, when it comes to decarbonising mobility in Cumbria, and exchange lessons learnt and knowledge about place-based decarbonising efforts elsewhere. Register now to join in person or online (deadline: 15 November – all welcome):

*** Special Symposium session (11:50 am to 1 pm) – DecarboN8 Dialogues: discuss challenges and opportunities for zero-carbon mobility with youth and community groups’ perspectives, in dialogue with researchers and local authority representatives in this interactive session, which is part of the Festival of Social Sciences. Register to take part only in the DecarboN8 Dialogues (not the wider all-day Symposium):***

23 November (10am to 4pm) - 'Instant Journal' Creative Workshop: Symposium participants are invited to apply to join this smaller workshop, led by a graphic facilitator, to summarise and communicate key messages from the Symposium and DecarboN8 Dialogues in a multi-media journal which will be published online (with DOI). Apply now (deadline: 21 October – all welcome):


For the Mobile Lives Forum, mobility is understood as the process of how individuals travel across distances in order to deploy through time and space the activities that make up their lifestyles. These travel practices are embedded in socio-technical systems, produced by transport and communication industries and techniques, and by normative discourses on these practices, with considerable social, environmental and spatial impacts.

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