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Emmanuel Munch

Urban planner

Dr. Emmanuel Munch is a professor-researcher at the Paris School of Urban Planning and the University of Paris-Est, and is part of the City Mobility Transport Laboratory. With a PhD in Urban Planning and Development from UPE (2017), his work relates to chrono-urbanism, the sociology of time and the socio-economics of transportation. His research focuses on the temporalities of urban mobility, daily activity programs, the synchronization of work schedules, the phenomenon of transportation rush hours and urban demand management policies more generally.

Projects with the Forum


Carbon rationing for work-related trips? Clarifying an idea for public policy

Arnaud Passalacqua, Nicolas Fourmont, Maxime Huré, Antoine Lévêque, Emmanuel Munch , Emre Korsu, Florent Le Néchet, Marie-Hélène Massot, Philippe Poinsot


Vélib, 10 years later: an assessment

Student workshop of the Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris – 1st year Master – , Student workshop of the Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris – 2nd year Master – , Manon Eskenazi, Emmanuel Munch , Marie-Hélène Massot, Marcus Zepf

Publications with the Forum