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Anaëlle Gaulier

Urban planner

Anaëlle Gaulier a 2nd-year master’s student in urban and territorial planning at the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, following a 3-year bachelor’s degree in geography within the same University. Her 1st year master’s research dissertation was on how the complexity of periurban spaces shapes public policies, by focusing on the case of a workshop called “l’atelier des territoires” implemented with the Bassé-Montois (77) community of cities. She is particularly interested in studying the lifestyles of people living in territories of intermediate densities.

Projects with the Forum


The "Macron buses," a low-cost mode of transportation put to the test of sustainability and desirability

Sylvie Fol, Amélie Amayen , Juliette Amster , Juliette Chilowicz , Marie-Anne Goujon, Anaëlle Gaulier , Léa Lambert

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