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Professional Workshop Urban Planning and Development


The research is conducted by a group of students from the Master’s program in Urban Planning and Development at the University of Paris 1 - Pantheon-Sorbonne, as part of a professional workshop supervised by Jean Debrie. The group consists of six students: Thibault Castano, Zoé Giordana, Antonin Grillet, Léna Le Goff, Loïc Samy and Louis Vernay. Combining their varied backgrounds (preparatory classes in literature and social sciences, geography, design and applied arts), they strengthened their knowledge by writing Master's dissertations on different themes: the heritagization of social housing, the construction of French prisons, the pedestrianization of riverbank roads in Paris, the arrival of autonomous vehicles in Los Angeles, urban renewal in London following the 2012 Olympic Games or projects to renovate peripheral commercial areas.

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Removing Paris’ périphérique ring road: towards more sustainable and desirable lifestyles?

Professional Workshop Urban Planning and Development, Jean Debrie

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