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Benjamin Cayzac


Benjamin Cayzac, a young Parisian photographer who spent part of his childhood in Arles, is a true autodidact.

His great grandfather, photo-engraver at Vogue, and his father, who was passionate about the 8th art, helped to make this universe familiar to him and to develop his growing interest in photography.

Child, he understands that the photo beyond a means of preserving a memory, allows him to express himself and to transcribe the emanation released as well by the beings, as by its environment. He has only one idea: to photograph his surroundings and everyone he meets.

This attraction for bodily expression pushes him to try his hand on the boards and enter Cours Florent. From his passage through the Cours Florent, he acquired a certainty: he likes to be behind the lens, to observe, to guide, to be able to capture or stage the fleeting moment which has captured the attention of his retina.

His first photographs are self-portraits and then portraits of his friends and the actors around him. He never stops developing his own sense of aesthetics.

Throughout his career and professional meetings, he works with renowned studios and photographers such as Jean Paul Goude, Javier Vallhonrat, Ingrid Mareski, Ishi, Nicolas Bets, Pascal Dangin, Nicolas Valois, Willy Vanderperre, Olivier Hadlee Pearch… Also on many advertising campaigns and fashions: One day elsewhere, Vogue Russia, Vogue Italy…

He works today between Paris South and abroad with his sandstone shooting, and is also moving towards reporting with always a certain aesthetic that is unique to him.

Through his series, "INVARIANCE NIPPONE", the photographer highlights with the sandstone of his peregrinations, the natural singularity of the Japanese landscape, resolutely turned towards a modern aesthetic, while keeping a strong traditional impregnation. An intertwining of modernity and customs that can also be found in everyday social interactions.

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