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Jacqueline Lorthiois

urban planner and socio-economist

Jacqueline Lorthiois is an urban planner and socio-economist who has been a specialist in the relationship between employment and labour in the regions, including the Île-de-France, for forty years. She is a co-founder of the CPTG (Collectif pour le Triangle de Gonesse) and COSTIF (Coordination contre les grands projets inutiles d'Île-de-France). She has studied each of the region's employment areas for the Public Employment Service and several hundred local authorities. In the public sector, she has been a technical advisor in several ministerial cabinets (Matignon, Environment/Territorial Planning, Employment, Solidarity Economy), and in various delegations (Employment/Labour/Social Affairs). She has also taught at Paris-8 and Paris-13. She maintains a website on regional planning and a blog on Mediapart about the major useless projects in Île-de-France.

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