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Stéphanie Vincent


Stéphanie Vincent holds a doctorate in sociology and is a lecturer in urban planning and development at the Institut d'Urbanisme de Lyon (Université Lumière Lyon 2) and a member of LAET. Her work focuses on mobility practices at the interface between life trajectories and spatial planning. Since September 2023, she has held a junior chair in fundamental research at the IUF, where she is developing work on mobilitarian socialization, i.e. the way in which dispositions to the use of modes of transport are acquired, transmitted and transformed under the effect of the parameters of gender, social origin and living spaces.

Projects with the Forum


A sustained fall in post-COVID car use? The case of the Lyon metropolitan area

Stéphanie Vincent, Olivier Klein, Ali El Zein, Pascal Pochet, Adrien Beziat


Mobility in China: A Chinese View of 50 Years of Acceleration

Jérémie Descamps, Thomas Sauvin, Zhang Chun, Zhou Le, Wang Gongxin, Marie Terrieux, Vincent Kaufmann, Stéphanie Vincent, Emmanuel Ravalet, Dominique Desjeux

EVOLMOB - A change in the way young people relate to cars

Stéphanie Vincent, Patrick Bonnel, Louafi Bouzouina, Pascal Pochet, Nathalie ORTAR


Emmanuel Ravalet, Stéphanie Vincent, Yann Dubois, Vincent Kaufmann, Gil Viry

Publications with the Forum


Making use of travel time

Video by Stéphanie Vincent


Becoming Altermobile

Video by Stéphanie Vincent