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Jérémie Descamps


Jérémie Descamps is a graduate of the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations as well as of the Paris School of Urban Planning and spent 17 years of his life in China. He is the founder of Sinapolis, a research and design office, and of the magazine. He is also Associate Lecturer at the National School of Architecture of Strasbourg and a member of the scientific and educational committee of the Chair for Innovative Metropolitan Mobilities. He also obtained a PhD by accreditation of prior experiential learning at INSA Lyon and the Lyon Urban School (under the supervision of Michel Lussault and Jean-Yves Toussaint).

Projects with the Forum


Mobility in China: A Chinese View of 50 Years of Acceleration

Jérémie Descamps, Thomas Sauvin, Zhang Chun, Zhou Le, Wang Gongxin, Marie Terrieux, Vincent Kaufmann, Stéphanie Vincent, Emmanuel Ravalet, Dominique Desjeux

Publications with the Forum