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Marie Terrieux

Productrice culturelle

Marie Terrieux is an exhibition curator and cultural producer who specializes in contemporary Chinese and Vietnamese art. She graduated from the University of Provence and EHESS with a double diploma in art history and ethnology. She worked 12 years in Beijing and organized and curated numerous exhibitions of Chinese and international artists. Since 2017, she has been in charge of the François Schneider Foundation, dedicated to water, art and education, located in a natural environment in the heart of Alsace.

Projects with the Forum


Mobility in China: A Chinese View of 50 Years of Acceleration

Jérémie Descamps, Thomas Sauvin, Zhang Chun, Zhou Le, Wang Gongxin, Marie Terrieux, Vincent Kaufmann, Stéphanie Vincent, Emmanuel Ravalet, Dominique Desjeux

Publications with the Forum