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Agnès Sinaï

Journalist, researcher (Momentum)

Agnès Sinaï founded the Institut Momentum and is an environmental journalist for the website and Le Monde diplomatique. She is the author of various publications including “Sauver la Terre,” co-authored with Yves Cochet (Fayard, 2003), and “Labo-Planète” co-authored with Catherine Bourgain and Jacques Testard (Mille et Une Nuits, 2011). She directed the volume I and II of “Politiques de l'Anthropocène,” which appeared in Presses de Sciences Po (“Penser la décroissance” in 2013 and “Economie de l'après croissance” in 2015) and co-authored “Petit traité de résilience locale” (Editions Charles Léopold Mayer, 2015). She has been a lecturer at Sciences Po since 2010, where she works on the politics of degrowth.

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Bioregion Ile-de-France 2050

Yves Cochet , Agnès Sinaï, Benoît Thévard

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