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Benoit Feildel


Benoît Feildel - is a lecturer in urban Planning and Development (University of Rennes 2), and a researcher (UMR ESO). His research focuses on the sensory and affective relationship to space, and he focuses mainly on peri-urban areas. He co-directed the thematic review: “Les sens des circulations : les sens vécu, objectivé et pratique des mobilités spatiales” (RTS, Vol.30, n°2-3).

Projects with the Forum


Tactical cycling urbanism and the health crisis

Laurent Chapelon , Sandrine Depeau, Benoit Feildel, Adrien Lammoglia, Maëlle Lucas, Nathalie ORTAR, Adrien Poisson


Ending automobile dependence (periurban and rural mobility)

Marie Huyghe, Laurent Cailly, Dominique Andrieu, Hervé Baptiste, Nicolas Oppenchaim, Denis Martouzet

Publications with the Forum