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Nicolas Oppenchaim


Nicolas Oppenchaim is a lecturer in sociology (University of Tours) and researcher (UMR CNRS-Citeres). He has conducted research on homeless children and on the mobility of urban youth in segregated neighborhoods. In 2016, he published: Adolescents de cité. L’épreuve de la mobilité, PUFR (Villes Perspectives et territoires).

Projects with the Forum


Dialogue on mobility between F. Dureau, P. Lannoy, J.-P. Orfeuil and T. Ramadier. 1 : The origins of a field

Françoise Dureau, Pierre Lannoy, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil, Thierry Ramadier

Ending automobile dependence (periurban and rural mobility)

Marie Huyghe, Laurent Cailly, Dominique Andrieu, Hervé Baptiste, Nicolas Oppenchaim, Denis Martouzet

Publications with the Forum