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Matias Echanove


Matias Echanove is a founding member of, a platform for experimental urban research and action, with collaborators in Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Bogota and Geneva. The work of urbz has been exhibited at the MoMA (NY), MAXXI (Rome), MAK (Vienna) and various biennales. Matias also co-directs the Institute of Urbanology with Rahul Srivastava in Mumbai, which combines urban planning and anthropology. Together they writes articles and essay for publications such as the New York Times, The Guardian, The Hindu, OUP, Strelka Press, and Domus. Matias studied government and economics at LSE, urban planning at Columbia University, and urban information systems at the University of Tokyo.

Projects with the Forum


Covid-19, lockdown and mobility

Mobile Lives Forum, Tim Cresswell, Matias Echanove, Aurore Flipo, Vincent Kaufmann, Christian Licoppe, Alexandre Rigal, Nicolas Senil, Rahul Srivastava

Publications with the Forum