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Sandrine Depeau

Research Fellow

Sandrine Depeau is a CNRS research fellow in environmental psychology at UMR ESO, Université Rennes 2. Her work focuses on children's daily spatial mobility in urban environments, using an ecological and relational approach based on in situ methods. By specifically studying the process of children's spatial autonomy, she is interested in the environmental and psycho-social factors involved in the development of active mobility. She led the interdisciplinary MOBI'KIDS program (ANR 2017-2022) - a longitudinal investigation into the evolution of child and family mobility in Rennes.

Projects with the Forum


Tactical cycling urbanism and the health crisis

Laurent Chapelon , Sandrine Depeau, Benoit Feildel, Adrien Lammoglia, Maëlle Lucas, Nathalie ORTAR, Adrien Poisson

Publications with the Forum