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Laurent Chapelon


Laurent Chapelon is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning at Montpellier 3 University, where he is co-director of the "Transport, mobilités, réseaux" Master's program. His research at LAGAM focuses on the application of spatial analysis theories and methods to land-use planning, transport and mobility issues. He is especially interested in assessing the territorial performance of transport systems and intermodal and sustainable travel solutions. He has published the Dictionnaire d'Analyse Spatiale with J.-J. Bavoux (Armand Colin) and edited the book Transports et intermodalité (ISTE).

Projects with the Forum


Tactical cycling urbanism and the health crisis

Laurent Chapelon , Sandrine Depeau, Benoit Feildel, Adrien Lammoglia, Maëlle Lucas, Nathalie ORTAR, Adrien Poisson

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