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Benoît Thévard


Benoît Thévard is an engineer from the Ecoles des Mines en Génie Energétique. After spending several years in aeronautics industry, he travelled to Quebec and spent several months living in an ecovillage that is preparing for a post-oil world. Since returning to France, he writes for the blog, conducts research on territorial resilience, and travels across the country giving conferences to inform citizens, elected officials and companies about the urgent necessity of a societal transition. He is also a member of the Institut Momentum and of the Association Virage Energie Centre-Val de Loire, as well as the founder of a local public transition initiative. Finally, he has authored two reports for the “European Parliament: Europe facing peak oil” (2012) and “Towards Resilient Territories in 2030” (2014).

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Bioregion Ile-de-France 2050

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