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Green Mobility in Smart Cities and Impact on Pollutant Emissions and Air Quality

Conference session
Date de début : 27 Juin 2022 09:00
Date de fin : 1 Juillet 2022 17:00
Lieu : Thessaloniki
Organisé par : International Conference on Air Quality

Car-centric planning is widely recognised as underpinning an air-polluting, energy-wasting and unhealthy century-long mobility paradigm. This is a flawed one-sided paradigm that ought to change as the need for climate change action and improved air quality becomes day by day more urgent. Transport decarbonisation measures on the one hand, and smart mobility initiatives on the other, all capable of crafting a new travel behaviour ethos need to become the decisive pillars of a transition to low carbon futures. Transport researchers should contribute actively to this quest meaning to recalibrate our travel eco-systems. They can do that by identifying ways that transport systems can become smarter, more sustainable, fairer, more inclusive and cleaner and by evaluating and quantifying, when this is possible, transport policy implementation impact.

The presentations can cover a wide range of green mobility initiatives that have the potential to help developing a pathway to a net zero emission vision including among others studies on:

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans electric and hybrid vehicles smart public transport smart logistics and freight mobility-as-a-Service micromobility walking cycling eco driving autonomous Vehicles urban air mobility transport and air quality.


Les recherches sur la transition s'intéressent aux processus de modification radicale et structurelle, engagés sur le long terme, qui aboutissent à une plus grande durabilité de la production et de la consommation. Ces recherches impliquent différentes approches conceptuelles et de nombreux participants issus d'une grande variété de disciplines.

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