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Détails de l'évènement

Speeding up and spreading out? Practices, narratives and metrics of new mobility

Date de début : 12 Février 2023 17:26
Date de fin : 21 Juin 2024 16:29
Lieu : Stavanger

A two-day hybrid workshop for intensive collective reflection on conceptual and methodological approaches to the temporalities and spatialities of transitions to new and sustainable mobilities.

Workshop organizers: Aleksandra Lis-Plesińska, Nathalie Ortar and Siddharth Sareen

Workshop concept:

Socio-technical transitions have diverse temporalities and spatialities. They take the form of different practices. Stakeholders, politicians and residents make choices based on the multiple scales and temporalities through which their everyday practices are constituted and their futures imagined and anticipated, whether desirously, fearfully, or ambiguously. Temporalities and spatialities of transitions, and contingent future mobilities, thus depend on local constellations of actors and their practices (communities of practice), infrastructural configurations, cultures of energy consumption, and trans-local impetuses. These dynamics entail negotiation in the contested space between bold, ambitious targets, and mundane practices of incremental change as vehicles for inertial incumbent interests.

Mindful of the reliance of mobility transitions on geographical, economic and socio-technical drivers, this workshop invites contributions to an empirical, conceptual and methodological discussion about their temporalities and spatialities. We aim to unpack: (1) the spatially uneven distribution of new mobility practices, and (2) the navigation of place-based transition temporalities. We draw the attention of participants to the role of metrics, narratives and practices as means to engage with temporalities within and across empirical contexts.

We invite contributions that deal with the following themes, broadly construed:

What social practices are emergent in relation to new mobility options in diverse geographies? In what ways are evolving mobility practices and infrastructures mutually constitutive?
What market disruptions are underway in automobility? Which actors construct and define this development and the metrical contours of related debates on electric mobility?
In what ways do digitalisation and low-carbon energy transitions intersect in shaping mobility trends, practices and infrastructural priorities over time?
Where are relationships between innovation and regulation unfolding to shape new mobility markets? How do these relationships interplay with temporalities of mobility transitions?
How are transition metrics selected and leveraged to negotiate between distal temporal goals and proximal embedded practices and politics? What insight do they yield on mobility futures?
Which major narrative frames of mobility transition temporalities are promoted, by whom, and at what spatial scales? How do these work on local transition dynamics and vice versa?

Workshop goals:

The workshop aims to provide space for an intensive discussion of empirical cases as well as of conceptual and methodological approaches to studying temporalities of mobility transitions. Outputs will take the shape of a special issue on temporalities of mobility transition in a reputed journal.

Workshop format:

Extended abstracts (1,000 words including references) are requested by 31 January 2023 with decisions by 10 February 2023. Email submissions as a PDF file to, and

Short draft papers (5,000 words including references) are expected by 31 March 2023. These will be pre-circulated among confirmed workshop participants by 17 April 2023. Assigned discussants will be asked to share comments with authors by 8 May 2023, along with editorial feedback. Authors will be offered a chance to submit revised full-length manuscripts by 31 May which will be circulated with the final workshop programme on 2 June 2023.

Papers will be workshopped with comments from the convenors and assigned discussants during 12-13 June 2023 in person in Stavanger, Norway, with a virtual participation option. We aim to secure a special issue with a reputed journal with the aim of submitting updated full manuscripts shortly after the workshop, by 31 July 2023.

Participants will be offered lunches on both workshop dates and a formal workshop dinner on 12 June 2023 free of charge, but must cover travel and accommodation costs.


Les recherches sur la transition s'intéressent aux processus de modification radicale et structurelle, engagés sur le long terme, qui aboutissent à une plus grande durabilité de la production et de la consommation. Ces recherches impliquent différentes approches conceptuelles et de nombreux participants issus d'une grande variété de disciplines.

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