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The potential for a just transition to electric urban mobility: a study of four European cities - by Tim Schwanen

Date de début : 21 Mars 2024 13:15
Date de fin : 21 Mars 2024 15:00
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Organisé par : Linköping University

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Electrification of transport is essential to limiting the sector’s contribution to climate breakdown, but it is increasingly recognised that electrification should not only be rapid and efficient but also socially just. It is also clear that policy and local governments have key roles to play in achieving just electric mobility transitions, even though the policy processes that shape and condition just transition trajectories remain poorly studied and understood. In this lecture, I will first outline an analytical approach to studying the role of local policy in just electric mobility transitions that builds and integrates thinking on policy assemblages, governmentality and mobility justice. I will then use that approach to consider the potential for just electric mobility transitions in four medium-sized European cities at different stages of the electrification process – Oslo, Utrecht, Bristol, and Poznan. Using policy documents analysis, I will analyse the working arrangements of problematisations, techniques, technologies, logics and knowledges of which electric mobility policy in each city exist, as well as the multiple effects these generate. Implications for the realisation of just transitions in urban mobility will be identified and discussed.


Les recherches sur la transition s'intéressent aux processus de modification radicale et structurelle, engagés sur le long terme, qui aboutissent à une plus grande durabilité de la production et de la consommation. Ces recherches impliquent différentes approches conceptuelles et de nombreux participants issus d'une grande variété de disciplines.

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