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Détails de l'évènement

Thinking About Cycling Experience: Cycle Highways + Methods for Human-Centered Bikeways (George Liu)

Date de début : 21 Septembre 2023 12:00
Date de fin : 21 Septembre 2023 13:00
Lieu :
Organisé par : Ouvéma

George Liu (Urban Cycling Institute / University of Amsterdam)

When discussing people’s personal feelings about cycling, researchers have often described it as a fast, efficient, and lone form of transport. However, many cyclists talk about the joy, relaxation, and community they feel while riding.

This talk dives deep into these personal experiences, aiming to understand and measure them better. By looking into previous studies to see how these experiences are typically described, this talk explores three main factors: 1) how cyclists feel physically while riding, 2) their emotional responses, and 3) how they interpret these experiences. Strikingly to me, it seems research thus far have ignored positive feelings of cyclists, and instead focus on reducing negative emotions in the journey. Also relevant to researchers: this talk will briefly touch on methodological aspects of existing studies, discussing the advantages and shortcomings of after-the-fact interviews, surveys, and mapping.

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This presentation is part of the seminar series «Cycling Urbanism: Learning from the Dutch Experience» organised by OUVEMA with the support of the Competence Centre in Sustainability, the Institute of Geography and Sustainability and the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne.