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The Human Case for Fewer Cars in our Lives

Date de début : 9 Novembre 2023 12:00
Date de fin : 9 Novembre 2023 13:00
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Organisé par : Ouvéma

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Melissa Bruntlett (Mobycon) - Chris Bruntlett (Dutch Cycling Embassy)

In the planning field, little attention is given to the effects that a “low-car” city can have on the human experience at a psychological and sociological level. Studies are beginning to surface that indicate the impact that car dominant space can have on our stress and anxiety levels, as well as how the systematic dismantling of freedom and autonomy for children and the elderly to travel through their cities is causing isolation and dependency. How can investments in improving the built environment improve the human experience, contributing to more inclusive cities regardless of age, gender, physical ability, or economic means? Melissa and Chris Bruntlett identify the benefits made possible by thoughtfully curbing traffic, resulting in a city that is: child-friendly, connected, trusting, feminist, quiet, therapeutic, accessible, prosperous, resilient, and age-friendly.

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This presentation is part of the seminar series «Cycling Urbanism: Learning from the Dutch Experience» organised by OUVEMA with the support of the Competence Centre in Sustainability, the Institute of Geography and Sustainability and the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne.