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Détails de l'évènement

Tourism mobilities in times of excess and crisis

Date de début : 9 Mai 2024 09:00
Date de fin : 10 Mai 2024 17:00
Lieu : Aveiro
Organisé par : Filipa Fernandes (Centro de Administração e de Políticas Públicas, ISCSP, Universidade de Lisboa) Claudio Milano (Universitat de Barcelona)

Source de l'information :

Within the broad topic of the INVTUR 2024 conference, this session addresses the conference aims by contribute to the ongoing debate surrounding overtourism and undertourism by exploring the diverse scenarios that underpin touristic mobilities. We seek to analyze practices, agencies, dynamics, challenges, and discourses related to these phenomena. By inviting contributions that encompass conceptual and/or empirical research methods, as well as audiovisual and emerging trends, our goal is to stimulate discussions that prompt the reconsideration of political and research agendas concerning a shift into a political economy of tourism understanding of structured inequalities.

The thematic session seeks submissions that attempt to address the following key issues, including (but not limited to) the following themes: • Touristification and Gentrification: Exploring the impact of tourism on local communities and neighborhoods, with a focus on the process of gentrification and its consequences for urban and rural areas. • Overtourism and social movement protest and resistance: Examining instances of overtourism and its effects on popular tourist destinations, as well as the emergence of social movements' responses and strategies for mitigating its negative consequences. • Tourism, migration, decent work, and informal economy: Explore the linkages between tourism and migration, and the implications for decent work, fair labor conditions, and the informal economy in destination regions. • Tourism, mobilities, and social justice: Understanding the concept of social justice related to tourism, considering mobility patterns and the production of inequalities in the overall tourism landscape.
• Policies, Responsible Planning Models, Interventions, and Practices: Assessing existing policies, planning models, and interventions designed to address tourism excesses, with a focus on responsible tourism practices. • Tourism Planning and Visitor Management: Investigating challenges and innovative experiences in tourism planning to tackle tourism-related inequalities.

Informations pratiques :

Extended abstracts (up to 6,000 characters) should be submitted by September 30th, 2023, via email to the organizers: Filipa Fernandes - Claudio Milano -

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