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Détails de l'évènement

Challenging mobilities

Date de début : 7 Septembre 2023 18:25
Date de fin : 30 Novembre 2023 09:00
Lieu : Melbourne
Organisé par : AusMob

Source de l'information :

This year, in the wake of the pandemic, life is gradually returning to something that feels more normal. Notwithstanding our collective return to mass mobility, we are facing a series of challenges related to intensified movement, among them: economic challenges related to huge increases in cost of living, employment, and housing pressures; environmental challenges associated with intensifying climate change and biodiversity loss; and wellbeing challenges associated with compounding sources of pressure. In the context of these challenges and many others, this year’s AusMob symposium seeks to showcase a diverse range of mobilities research that is exploring how people, households, communities, organisations and other critters and entities are adjusting (or trying to adjust) to the big challenges of our time—and in the process, finding more socially and environmentally progressive ways of living and thriving in the wake of the pandemic.

We invite papers from postgraduate researchers, early career researchers and more established scholars on who are drawing on all aspects of mobilities research from across the social sciences and humanities.

Please submit abstracts of 150 words using the form below by 29 September 2023.

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